Numerology & Intuitive Reading

Before going outside you either look at the weather forecast or look out the window so you know what to expect. You can not visually see what the personal and energetic influences are.  Your Personal Detailed Numerology Readings 2020 and discussion will fill in this gap by provide you with vital tools for making the most of your daily life.

                       2020: Spiritual Awakening &A New Astrological Era

Commitment & Courage will create immense success, happiness & financial flow.

This 12+ page report provides an assessment of your gifts and obstacles, soul purpose, & the ebb and flow of your life. When overlaid on the Universal & personal influencers, you can see the possibilities and obstacles that may arise providing the opportunity to create a more abundant, happy and healthy life.


General personal influencers: Astrology: Sun & Moon signs and traits

Numerology: life path; name numerology; destiny number; personality number; 2020 energy forecast for year and monthly; personal year; personal monthly influencers

2020 animal totem; key astrological/Numerology Dates; planet retrogrades; 

intuitive reading

Also included: a 30 minute in person or by telephone call for questions and answers 

Order early so you have the information at the start of the year!  $80

I will need your birth name, name used now if different, birth date, birth time, time zone of birth 

760 217-2310 text or call

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