Offered Services

Reiki Plus                         $50

A 30 minute energy session for clearing thoughts, implants, imprints & beliefs holding you back from attaining your goals. It doesn't matter where they came from - childhood, teachers, family, etc. they can be cleared. Once they are cleared you can more purely align with your own source energy to more forward in your life. I call it a no touch massage because you are generally relaxed and have released tension and concerns. We can conduct this session in person or remotely with equal effectiveness.

Pranic Healing                 $60

This is a structured energy session that focuses on specific physical or emotional issues activating the body to begin bringing itself back into perfect health. One session generally takes 45minutes. The number of sessions needed will depend upon the physical dis-ease. Either a remote or in person session is effective.

Shamanic Clearing          $80

There are times when a shamanic clearing is needed for yourself, your home, your place of business, etc. This is a powerful tool for removing negative energy, karmic contracts or deeply embedded lifetime issues. This is an interactive session conducted in person or over the phone. You will receive a simplified version for personal use. It generally takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Holistic Consulting          $80 First session 60 minutes

Sometimes you just need to talk with someone regarding what is happening in your life to figure out what tools, food, exercise or other changes you can make to improve your health and wellbeing. The first session is about 60 minutes and includes a written recommendation of possible actions and tools.


Reiki Attunement  1,2,or 3    $50 includes reiki manual


Reiki is a very personally focused  energy life force that allows you to align and bring in more of your own Source Energy. As such, you need to spend the time really making it part of your life. I provide the electronic reiki book and support you as you have questions. When YOU feel you are ready I will then attune you to the reiki degree and provide a certificate. Please contact me for more specific information.


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