About Linda Bottero

I started this journey of looking for a natural way of living through organic, healthy eating and also for natural remedies to existing health issues whether physical, emotional or mental after the illnesses and death of my parents and then my husband. It was apparent to me that our current Western Diet & reliance upon chemicals and radical treatments such as chemo & radiation were not the best solution for everyone.


I believe we all should have options and trust our own intuitive guidance to make the correct selections for each of us. The way of living as an individual through trusting our gut and non-biased informed information creates a winning combination for a healthy, happy life


This is how I began living my life and realizing my passion is to simply be able to offer information to help others without their having to research and start from scratch as I did. It comes from my background in engineering and having conducted international market research and homologation for high tech companies throughout the world during my corporate years. 

Since my husband's death in 2004, I have focused on changing myself and, now, sharing what I have learned with others. I have been able to find my health through eating whole organic foods, meditation, natural tools such as the Rife Machine, EWOT, etc. I am happy to say that my COPD & emphysema is no longer an issue, arthritis is gone, & I am in very good overall health. I do exercise daily - at least 2 miles. If I can do it, anyone else can also. 

I have also owned and run Naturalives Day Spa since 2006 with the same focus of providing chemical free, natural services by therapists who want to be of service to others. With this background I am now placing more personal focus on providing services directly to individuals so that you may create your own healthy & happy future.


Please contact me if you are interested in Reiki Sessions, Shamanic and Pranic Healing, Holistic Consulting or Personal Numerology Reading. 

760 217-2310 text or call


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